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Gran Fondo Dead Sea Arad 2018 Registration

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In order to register for any race in Israel you must create a personal account with all of your details.
In the ID field please use your 9 digit passport number, which will serve as your Israeli identification number, If your passport includes letters please use zeros as the system does not recognize letters.
Download the mobile application, go to sporting event and register for the race.

for details about the spacial packages look at Accommodation

Spacial Packages Registration Form

If you can not register through your browser
please register using the attached link HERE


Dear Cyclists!

The registration to the International Arad - Dead Sea Gran Fondo 2018, which will take place on 23-24/3/2018, will start on 10.10.17

The event includes 4 different heats:
1.    Int'l Tour of Arad – Elite men & Juniors Team - Competitive –2 days, 3 Stages:  Friday – Saturday, 23-24/3/2018.
2.    Int'l Tour of Arad – Masters Competitive – 2 days, 3 Stages:  
Friday – Saturday, 23-24/3/2018.
3.    Dead Sea Gran Fondo - 155Km – a timed event for age groups: Saturday 3/24/2018.
4.    Dead Sea Gran Fondo - 155Km – a noncompetitive event for age groups: Saturday 3/24/2018.
Looking forward to see you in our event!
** Last date for registration:  11/3/2018 at 16:00!

Changes and Cancellation

All requests must be sent to:

1. Cancellation fee

Within 14 days from registration: full refund.
Cancellation after 14 days from registration will be charged for 50 NIS (10€)
Last day for cancelation and refunds: 11/03/2018 at 16:00, local time.



2. Transfer of participation right. 

All requests must be sent to:

No refunds for non-shows or for participants who didn't cancel their participation in advance as required and as specified above.
For additional inquiries regarding the registration, please contact:

Registration Fees: (prices are in NIS)



Early bird registration
















 GO TO registration fee

Tour Arad







Gran Fondo




155 km  competitive





155 km competitive+ jersey





155 km noncompetitive





155 km noncompetitive+ jersey





155 km Tandem





155 km Tandem+ 2 jerseys


Start of registration: 10/10/2017

End of registrtion: 11/03/2018 at 16:00. 

Spacial Packages Registration Fees

for details about the spacial packages look at Accommodation

Package A, Gran Fondo (155 k"m competitive 3230

Package B, Gran Fondo (155 k"m competitive 4390

Package A, Gran Fondo (155 k"m non competitive 3230

Package B, Gran Fondo (155 k"m non competitive 4390

Package A, Tour Arad (3 stages) 3230

Package B, Tour Arad (3 stages) 4390

Package A, non cyclist  2770

Package B, non cyclist  3930

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Arad Tour

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Choose Course
Write your personal information
Don’t forget to list desired T-Shirt size
Various approvals:
Must be accompanied by signed health certificate
The forms can be uploaded in the  personal area (marked as blue man). 
Instructional video, how to upload medical certificate:
You can upload a photocopy  of the medical certificate directly from your mobile gallery.


After you registered you can see the List of Registrants: HERE

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